Sunday, May 21, 2017

The decay of our social structure is the outcome of two key events: 1. The total misdirection of our agenda driven education system and 2. The introduction and mass marketing of the birth control pill.

1.       When government got control of the education system through the Carter establishment of the Dept. of Education it opened the door for the emphasis on agenda-driven behavior modification and mind control at the expense of fact and science based curriculum in the schools. They even urged financing of pre-school and kindergarten to enable earlier access to our children; and you can see how this all ultimately has reached our universities and colleges of advanced education.

2.       The birth control pill removed the moral and ethical barriers for women in regards to sex and human relations. Social acceptance of sex as a form of entertainment free of consequences developed. This in combination with the expansion of the welfare system and abortion rights provided the opportunity for women to become as promiscuous as men. The importance of family with traditional moral roles of father and mother diminished. Unwanted babies can now be disposed of or sold off as body parts. We are even experimenting with not only gay life-styles, but sex conversions while fiercely defending it as completely normal and a matter of choice.

Where does raising children, human and spiritual values fit into this equation of the New World Order? I am afraid the planned agenda is becoming apparent. It involves the reduction of world populations and the evolvement of a select aristocratic hierarchy to rule over all. The objectives of the 1992 Rio Conference produced Agenda 21 and Sustainability which encompassed the rewriting of history, ongoing wars, upheaval of nations with the shifting populations, dissolving of borders and governments, confiscation of land and wealth into possession by the select few. With the United Nations over-sight these manipulators are probably satisfied with the progress being made.

I don’t know extent of background information or the depth of our President Trump’s thinking, but he is certainly paving the way for major global changes. His fundamental beliefs and intuition are likely his strong guiding force. He is becoming far more effective in this regard than the United Nations. The actual U.N. goals have never been what they have professed, but their claims are basically what Trump is now attempting to accomplish. He speaks plainly and down to earth which is easy for all people of all languages and faiths to comprehend and identify with. Let’s hope the world responds, including our own delinquent citizens. 

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