Friday, August 14, 2015

to Party or not to Party

Yes, folks are fed up, tired of government overreaching, tired of not being given any real choice by ‘party’ [and I refer to BOTH D and R]. That’s why Trumps #s are up in the polls. I think Trump is a side show. Several of the others in the R line up are ‘insiders’ who I believe would just carry on with the present globalist [corporate, and banking] plan to dissolve national sovereignty – as Daines and Zinke appear to be doing. Party is not where statesmen are found. Party selects and vets candidates for state and national races by a different litheness test that more local city and county, ignoring platform and measuring instead how likely the candidate might support the plans of the big money that keeps the party afloat.
Independent, Libertarian, Constitution, seem to be better described as ‘movements’ as low info populace tend to follow brand name or big team groups – The caution ‘don’t throw your vote away’ has worked to keep other parties marginalized.
I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 I was a Ron Paul delegate to the MT State R nominating convention – the MT GOP officers manipulated the convention and side lined Paul’s supporters as the same occurred in FLA at the National Nominating Convention. Ron Paul had a HUGE following and support across the spectrum, BUT the insider circle via MSM and manipulation took the Nomination away from him.
I support Rand Paul 2016. The insider circle is busy sidling his campaign. Encouraging way too many possible candidates, and denigrating him and not reporting on him. Rand has a big grassroots following. They give way too much exposure and coverage to Bush - who is really NOT very popular with the public – and who supports progressive programs. They give exposure to Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal, all who have questionable Article II, Section 1, clause 5, eligibility – much like the current occupant of the Oval Office.
If Hillary takes the Presidency, you can bet the gates of hell will open. A slower road deeper into slavery may be a better choice, but if we truly love liberty and want to restore freedom – I think we just might need to abandon ‘party’ but not ‘platform’, and support statesmen who stand on ‘principle’ over ‘politics’. ‘Reaching across the isle’ has only been a losing game plan for Republicans, the ‘other side’ – progressives [socialists] – have nothing to loose, but we always seem to give up something of value, freedoms, and liberties.
As for running a team on the Libertarian ticket, it will take monumental efforts and financing to get any positive MSM coverage.There is a movement forming the ‘Veterans Party’, national and here in the state of MT too. They will soon have a convention and establish their candidates.
There is also a factor that is very important – election process has be so compromised and corrupted, as shown time and again mostly since 2000.
What to do? Take back local government. Then our state. If we can drive the feds back to D.C. where they belong and retire those who support them. We just might buy some time and let people taste what freedom and liberty is. Turn off the T.V. and open up some dusty old books.
So, those are my thoughts just now.

I must get to the canning kitchen.