Monday, October 26, 2015

Environmental Extremism

Environmental Extremism is a subject that in my own trained scientific objectivity, I cannot leave alone.  I know that I have beaten this drum before, but bogus man-caused Global Warming has become the greatest scientific scam ever perpetrated by worldwide governments upon their own peoples.

Obama and his cronies feed upon its numerous profit-making opportunities, becoming millionaires after only a few years in public office. Opportunist Al Gore authored only a half-dozen or so books on global warming, yet elevated his net worth to over ten-million dollars. He simply charges liberals readmission to hear his same disinformation, so dear to their liberal-biased perspective, over and over again. However unthinking, his timeworn speeches still draw large paying liberal audiences. I presume that this currently irrational process will eventually fade in time, unlike their irreversible body tattoos, to be  replaced by some equally fashionable liberal drive to display their intellectual conformance.

There's another profit-making scenario. The US government under Obama invested millions of taxpayer dollars into questionable start-up green-energy companies, exemplified by Solyndra (now bankrupt and defunct). The government's apparent endorsement of Solyndra, an obvious confidence-booster for investors, drove Solyndra's stock price skyward virtually overnight. Democrat US congressman and other elite Progressive insiders, all bought-in as the stock price rose, then all bailed out or sold short when it became apparent to insider investors that Solyndra's highly touted technology presented no actual substance. With this scenario repeating itself  as many times as possible, Obama and his corrupt congressional fat-cats became very rich on the backs of misinformed, gullible public investors.

Such 'insider trading' is strictly forbidden under the 1934 Securities Exchange Act. Over the years, many Wall Street traders have gone to federal prison for lesser 'insder trading' offenses. If we had a real Attorney General at the time, instead of Obama's cohort Eric Holder, offenders would have been vigorously prosecuted under existing Federal law. One of the reasons Eric Holder left office earlier than Obama is because he knows that he may yet face Federal indictment for his failure to prosecute SEC law violations and other constitutional offences.

EPA Environmental Extremism

I must assume that the EPA just discovered that the earth's atmosphere contains much more water vapor than harmless Carbon Dioxide. In fact, water vapor is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 and there is twenty times as much of it in earth's atmosphere. When visible water vapor obscures the earth's surface (like with clouds), the sun's warming rays are reflected back into space. You would think that this should be a simple natural process to comprehend, even for Obama's single-minded EPA.
Opportunist Al Gore and Obama's bought and paid-for climatologists tell us that earth's polar ice packs are rapidly melting, when in fact they are currently refreezing rapidly. Recent NASA photos from space illustrate this dramatically. It's been reliably reported that in their desperation, Obama's government-funded scientists are now blatantly skewing NASA's legitimately recorded climate data in order to perpetuate Obama's man-caused global warming myth.

The sun has now passed the peak of it's eleven-year increased radiation cycle. Good news! Al Gore's polar bears have been spared, and now they're devouring tasty seals again out on the north polar icepack. Residents of Churchill in northern Canada on the Artic Ocean will be most relieved. Over the past decade, hungry Polar Bears have frequently broken into their homes in search of food. Churchill is the traditional Winter jumping-off point for Polar Bears.

Highly reflective polar ice and snow reflect sunlight back into space, more so than clouds. This effect over time helps to compensate for the sun's natural cycles of warming and cooling, thus maintaining earth's atmospheric temperature stable overall. The earth's mean atmospheric temperature hasn't warmed perceptibly in going on eighteen years now. Obama, prove to us conclusively that the earth's atmosphere is rapidly growing warmer as you claim. Bogus testimony from your bought and paid for liberal academics is unconvincing, at the very least.
66,000 published legitimate scientists are now on record disputing your global warming claims.

Oceans cover seventy-one percent of earth's surface, and the sun's radiant energy continually evaporates staggering amounts of water from them. This atmospheric moisture content cools and  condenses to form clouds, and then these clouds release rain that keeps earth green and verdant. Without this natural cycle, earth's surface would dry up like a prune and mankind's vital food crops would perish.

In its infinite liberal wisdom, the EPA apparently now considers atmospheric moisture to be a global warming threat. It has reportedly crafted still another silly regulation to control the amount of waste steam ejected into the atmosphere by electrical power generation utilities and Chinese laundries. If it would just look skyward at all those voluminous clouds of naturally evaporated seawater, I would pray that there's still a chance that the EPA might finally realize the absurdity of its assumptions.

Earth's natural processes dwarf any contributions made by man. The same holds true for relatively miniscule amounts of harmless Carbon Dioxide emitted by planes, trains and automobiles. Perhaps the EPA will next attempt to contain massively greater CO2 emissions from volcanoes and forest fires. A couple new EPA regulations should do the trick. Perhaps the EPA should bring self-proclaimed, but totally unaccredited, atmospheric scientist Al Gore on-board to help sell his totally fabricated assumptions to America's foolishly-receptive liberals. Ironically, so far, he's been very successful doing it.

Under the United Nations Rio Accords, unthinkingly endorsed by former President George W. Bush, the EPA is no longer required to prove with scientific evidence any assumptions regarding environmental peril. It may proceed freely with binding regulatory measures in the total absence of scientific confirmation of the perceived threat's validity. This inconceivably irrational concept has proven invaluable to the Obama Administration's ongoing promotion of its great global warming lie. It's estimated that overall, this single man-caused global-warming falsehood has cost America's economy over three-trillion dollars, with no end in sight. Do the math .That's about one-sixth of America's staggering debt today, over one-half of which has accrued since Barrack Obama entered presidential office only seven years ago.

Many members of Congress now recognize the need to rein in the EPA. It's about time. Some are demanding that Obama-appointed EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy be sacked. The EPA has been blatantly exceeding its authority, writing what amounts to laws instead of just regulations based upon law. Obama then employs his Justice Department to enforce these illegal laws. Under the US Constitution; only Congress may enact laws.

Does even Obama himself fully comprehend what he's been ordered to accomplish by the Socialist UN powers behind his administration? I doubt that very much. Now that there's an unpleasant end in sight for America, even George Soros, Obama's mentor and financier, recently donated 28 million dollars to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, just before "getting out of Dodge" himself and taking up residence in Switzerland for his own safety against US Government violence and oppression that will soon engulf America. He knows what Progressive Socialist Hillary Clinton will seek to impose upon America, even though her Democratic Party's mindless minions still haven't a clue what to expect.