Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scary Soetoro: Just your average socialist Kenyan with a teleprompter trying to take over the free world one taxpayer at a time.

Ah, the Obama Years will be fondly remembered:

• Brainwashed children singing candidate Obama’s praises in the classroom.

• The MSM not vetting a Democrat candidate, even turning against the Clintons

• Passing off a certificate of live birth as a birth certificate and paying to keep it hidden, then releasing a forged one.

• Never releasing transcripts, medical records, passport records, kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records and schedules, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license and adoption records, etc.

• Allegations of homosexual relationships with at least four members of Wright’s church (Young, Bland, Spencer, Sinclair), two of whom were shot execution style during 2007 campaign season, one who died in 2007 of HIV complications, and one who was arrested by Biden’s son Beau after a news conference (the charges being dropped).

• Promising to have healthcare debate on CSpan and NOT

• Flicking off political opponents while “scratching and/or picking” your nose

• Arrogantly proclaiming “I won” to Republican Congressmen.

• Using a teleprompter even in an elementary classroom

• Using Air Force One for a fly-over photo op in down town N.Y.

• Appointing perverts, criminals, professed communists etc. to high level positions and “czars” (“communist and truther” Van Jones, “fisting czar” Kevin Jennings, Hillary Clinton, etc.)

• Passing off a Black Liberation Theology as “Christianity” when it is nearly identical to The Nation of Islam.

• Going to a church that honors Louis Farrakhan, and has an anti-America preacher. Skipping church as President (first one to do so) in favor of a Blackberry devotional quote (supposedly).

• Seizing control of banks, and auto-makers, and blackmailing States who take “bail-out” money.

• Using American tax money to bailout Europe.

• Back-room deals to incrementally pass “single-payer” healthcare.

• Appointing a Supreme Court Judge who tried to screw firefighters in CT, and label them racists

• Supporting infanticide (i.e. the killing of a baby EVEN after it has successfully left the womb and could live).

• Lying about tax money being used to fund abortions

• Pretending you’re not connected to ACORN when videos show you saying they are your friends and you fully support them

• Criticizing the previous administration and then doing the same things, even expanding upon “wire-tapping” etc.

• Authorizing the DHS to go after copyright infringers.

• Advocating that terrorists receive Constitutional protection and be read their Miranda rights, then advocating trial in N.Y.

• Bowing down to thugs and foreign dignitaries on a “Blame America” world tour

• Inciting envy and strife between the middle “class” and the “rich.”

• Accusing a police officer of “acting stupidly” when he did nothing wrong.

• Having your Press Secretary mock a private citizen (Sara Palin) for writing three words on her hand.

• Giving out lame gifts to foreign leaders and making a fool of Americans

• Weakening our security by caving in to Russians on a missile shield

• Supporting dictators in South America when a democracy runs him out of town because he refused to give up power.

• Taking too long to make a decision about Afghanistan, and then doing what the previous administration did, which you criticized before (troop increases until election 2012).

• Interrupting Republicans and not letting them have equal time at a Healthcare Summit YOU invited them to

• Playing more golf and b-ball in one year than the previous administration did in 8 (also, one party per every 3 days in the first year)

• Having a First Lady who was not proud of America until her husband was nominated

• Being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2 weeks into office before you even did anything and then accepting the prize.

• Failing in your Olympic bid for your Chicago friends (even with the help of Oprah Winfrey)

• Failing (via your ambassador Bill Clinton) in your World Cup bid, to Qatar of all places.

• Using Greek Columns at your acceptance speech at Invesco Field.

• Covering the name of Christ at Notre Dame.

• Not wearing a flag pin (on principle) until taking heat for it.

• Promising fiscal discipline, then spending more than any administration in the history of Earth (3.3 trillion in ONE YEAR! and more to come)

• Telling Joe the Plumber you think we should, “spread the wealth”

• Being a hypocrite by calling for Trent Lott to resign but not Harry Reid or Robert Byrd

• Having the worst attendance record in the Senate, never running anything in your life, then criticizing a governor (Palin) for not having experience

• Can’t pitch a baseball...

• Lavish trip to India with multiple warships, coconut removal, tunnel to Ghandi Museum, and embarrassing us in India with your stupid teleprompter.

• Calling fellow Americans “enemies.” (just like Van Jones who called conservatives ‘evil’)

• Doing nothing about voter intimidation by New Black Panthers

• Failing to heed the voters rejection of your policies and loosing the House of Reps

• Not speaking out against racism at Democrat rallies but letting your administration slander the Tea Party.

• Flip-flopping on filibuster rules

• Telling Bush not to be stubborn when Dems won Congress, then being stubborn when the GOP won.

• Skipping over “creator” multiple times when reciting Declaration of Independence.

• Letting union thugs harass opponents of Obamacare.

• Insulting the American people by saying we have a “tribal attitude.”

• Telling Republicans to “sit in the back.”

• Abusing power by going after FOX News and Glenn Beck

• Not speaking forcefully against ground zero mosque even if technically legal.

• Daring to say that your “finances have suffered too” when you’re making more money now than ever, and more than most Americans, and wasting it.

• Being a puppet of George Soros and following his atheist agenda.

• Being raised by a tran-sexual nanny parlor dancer, and communist mother.

• Letting your brother live in a hut in Kenya

• Having Chairman Mao and transexual ornaments on the White House Christmas tree.

• Saying nothing on the first anniversary of the Fort Hood massacre, but commenting instead on Mumbai massacre.

• Having FTC drop investigation of Google privacy breeches because of cozy relationship and receiving donations from Google exec. Marissa Mayer.

• Having 41 aids that owe the IRS almost a million dollars in back taxes.

• Lying about “pay as you go.”

• Trying to implement “cap and trade”

• Furthering the Global Warming hoax and attempting to hand over more U.S. sovereignty to the U.N. because of it.

• Criticizing McCain about commissions for economic crisis, then establishing four.

• Attracting flies.

• Promising transparency, especially for the press, but providing none.

• Spinning unemployment numbers and using employment of census workers etc. to inflate numbers.

• Abusing the word, “crisis” and the phrase, “at this defining moment” and “let me be clear,” and “um... um... um”

• Picking moron gaffe machine Joe Biden for Vice President and all the other fools in your admin. not the least of which is Hillary “Hillarycare” “Cattle futures” “Carpetbagger” “Soros puppet” “Vince Foster ‘friend’” Clinton.

• Failing to secure the border, even going after the sovereign state of Arizona for trying.

• Lying on CNN about earmarks not being in stimulus bill.

• Threatening to close Guantanamo Bay, and demonizing those involved, and then keeping it open.

• Lying about getting rid of earmarks.

• Lying about father’s service in WW2

• Lying about not having lobbyists serve in your admin then appointing William Lynn of Raytheon for deputy secretary of defense.

• Lying about “barely knowing Tony Rezco.”

• “57 States with one left to go”

• Calling Cinco de Mayo “Cinco de Cuatro”

• Giving Prime Minister Gordon Brown American DVD’s that don’t work on British players.

• Michelle ignoring protocol and hugging the Queen of England.

• Saying Nancy Reagan performed séances.

• Joking that bad bowling game was “like the Special Olympics.”

• “The time has changed for come!”

• “Israel is a strong friend of Israel.”

• “We are resolved to halt the rise of privacy in that region.”

• “The reforms we seek will bring greater inefficiencies to our healthcare system.”

• “There is much to celebrate from the FBI’s first 100 days.”

• “In addition to John... uh... I jumped the gun, go ahead and move it [the teleprompter] up.”

• Reading Irish text on teleprompter and thanking himself for coming.

• “Profit and earning ratios” instead of Price to Earnings.

• Saying America invented the automobile when it was Germany.

• Trying to enter White House through the French windows.

• Calling Matt Lauer “Tim” repeatedly.

• Calling Ron Williams “Mr. Walters” repeatedly.

• Mixing up Sanford and Son with The Jefferson’s

• Calling Sunrise, FL “Sunshine”

• Calling Sioux Falls, “Sioux City”

• Saying Medicare reimburses $60,000 for amputations instead of $600

• Saying 10,000 people died in Kansas tragedy instead of 11 people.

• Saying Otto Raddatz was not insured and died. He was insured and lived for four more years.

• Saying his own mother was denied healthcare for a preexisting condition when was not, she was only denied disability.

• Saying Jared Monti lived, when he, in fact, died and received Medal of Honor.

• Saying Hillary Clinton did better in Kentucky and West Virginia because Arkansas is closer than Illinois, when Illinois is closer to both.

• Saying during primaries “Iran is tiny, they don’t pose a serious threat to us” one day, and the very next day saying “Iran is a grave threat.”

• Saying he was born because of Selma, AL marches brought his parents together, when he was born in ’61, and the marches weren’t until ’64.

• Saying George W. Bush’s Iraq policies were responsible for Hugo Chavez, when Chavez was elected in ’98.

• Saying uncle helped at Auschwitz, when it was a great-uncle at Buchenwald

• Giving a toast to the Queen during England’s national anthem while she stood at attention and ignored him.

• Calling an inhaler for asthma sufferers a “breathalyzer.”

• Saying all the translators for Afghanistan were in Iraq [different languages].

• Lying about a Life Magazine picture and article in “Dreams from My Father” that the publisher says never existed.

• Saying: “The president does not have the power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” Then breaking the War Powers Act for Libya.

• Appointing Louis “the vacuum” Susman as ambassador to London, who purposely skipped Ronald Reagan’s centenary dinner.

• Having 454 White House aids making a total of $37,121,463 per year.

• Walking out of meeting with Eric Cantor because he refused more taxes in debt deal, and saying, “don’t call my bluff,” which means you were, in fact, bluffing.

• Threatening to withhold Soc.Sec. and Vet benefits on Aug. 3, 2011 if you don’t get your tax increases, then charging your rich friends up to 35k for a seat at your Aug. 4th birthday fundraiser.

• Saying on July 15, 2011 that 80% of Americans are in favor of government “revenue” increases (aka “taxes”) and blaming the GOP for trying to stop this.

• Criticizing GOP for two 2011 budget plans, while refusing to disclose own “secret” plan.

• Joe Biden calling Tea Partiers “terrorists” in 2011 budget meeting.

• Joe Biden calling Rep. Gabrielle Giffords part of the “cracked head club” ... okay forget Biden, there’s way too much... back to Obama...

• Presiding over the first credit downgrade in America’s history

• Inviting “Common” to White House: whose lyrics bash a previous president, speak of armed violence against cops, as well as phrases like: “Them dick boys got a lot of cock in them...I wanna bone Jada Pinkett and that hoe Patra... but I still like Tootie cause she got big titties” etc. etc.

• Granting waivers to failing schools that receive federal aid so they don’t have to comply with NCLB requirements.

• 82% of public schools being failures under Obama.

• Using the death of 30 service members as a photo-op despite the families’ wishes that no photos be taken or distributed via media.

• Aiding your fundraiser SONY in the making and releasing “Bin Laden” movie in October of next election.

• “Magical Misery Tour” costing $2.2 million for the buses alone.

• White House falsifying safety report to make it seem scientists and experts supported 6 month drilling moratorium.

• Not allowing drilling in Alaska.

• Letting John Stewart call you “dude,” in fluff interview, but not having a serious interview with any conservative host - radio or television.

• Appointing incompetent Eric Holder who botched the Ahmed Ghallani terrorist verdict and wanted to try terrorists as criminals in N.Y. and refused to defend DOMA laws.

• Keeping Bernake and making sweet deals with Goldman Sachs instead of buying bonds from the treasury.

• Authorizing Hillary Clinton’s minions to illegally spy on U.N. officials.

• Botching Wikileaks investigations.

• Supporting Pigford “Claims Settlement Act” a.k.a. “reparations.”

• Authorizing the TSA to molest citizens (even children) at airports.

• Justice Department reluctant to take cases from white victims

• $1.5 million dollar Christmas vacation to Hawaii.

• Using Gabby Gifford shooting to further the red herring that a lack of civility caused it.

• Using Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie to further cover up missing birth certificate (and he still never found it).

• Supporting Planned Parenthood which aids the sex trafficking of underage foreign girls.

• Failing to show international influence on the Egyptian et. al. revolts

• Being in contempt of federal court by continuing drilling ban.

• Causing blackouts in AZ, NM, CA, TX, etc. in winter ’11 through dangerous energy policy.

• Exempting GE friends from your new “global warming” rules.

• Causing oil, food, gas, and unemployment to rise through socialist economic policies, spiking more than 1974.

• Barring media from START treaty signing.

• Obama’s FCC forcing NBC to partner with Soros’ “non-profit” organizations in Comcast merger.

• Saying in ’11 State of the Union speech that NOT taxing the rich was government “spending.”

• Showing zero leadership during Japan’s greatest natural disaster in 1200 years, instead giving a speech on “bullying,” ‘yucking it up’ about NCAA basketball, and visiting Rio.

• Taking sides with education union thugs against taxpayers during budget crisis.

• Expanding Homeland Security wiretaps to copyright infringers.

• Exposing the public to high levels of radiation at airport screenings.

• Deficit so high the U.S. can’t even pay for “mandatory spending” never mind “discretionary spending” i.e. we can’t afford the interstate highways we drive on,

• never mind murdering the unborn, or protecting owls.

• Using White House “Map Room” illegally to solicit campaign contributions in violation of Title 18:607)

• Violating Public Law 111-117 prohibiting federal funding for ACORN by giving AHCOA (aka “ACORN”) $79,819 via HUD in 2010.

• Signing “24 May 2008” on Westminster Abby guest book in 2011.

• Calling Prime Minister Harper the “President of Canada.”

• Say Austrians speaking “Austrian.”

and  today August 16, 2011 - Obama told a crowd in Decorah, Iowa.

"We had reversed the recession, avoided a depression, gotten the economy moving again,... but over the last six months we've had a run of bad luck."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If the answer is YES - vote NO

For all Legislators State and Federal - IF a Bill:
  • Would it affect or diminish private ownership of anything?
  • Would it cost the individual any (permit, money, tax, fee or freedom)?
  • Would it require permission in any form?
  • Would it cause any growth in government or bureaucracy?
  • Would it add any new public employees?
  • Would it run counter to the constitution, federal or state, in any way?
  • Does it lack a sundown clause?
  • Does it yield to federal coercion?
  • Does it include: and for other purposes?

If the answer is YES then vote NO

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our elected representatives do not know the proper role of government...

I am pleased that you are working diligently toward better government. I am part of a team that is working the website http://www.mtlaws.com/ . This is a site to provide our reps. with support in evaluating bills, bill reviews, public information and direction how to be involved, and to coordinate various and disparate groups and individuals. We also hope to educate the lawmakers by providing principles for evaluating bills.

However, there is a VERY BIG PROBLEM in the whole process. I see it in nearly every bill that I evaluate.

Our elected representatives do not know the proper role of government, as laid down in our founding documents and our western, English common law heritage. We have become functionally illiterate in the American Civic Creed.

We have effectively forsaken common law, and have taken up Roman, civil law, which is political law. This is law according to the whim of men; law by whomever can get enough votes to implement the agenda they have chosen. It is all based on gaining political power. But political power is the power to be exempt from the restraints which apply to all people who are not in government. We are also ruled by commercial law, and have been tricked into signing away our common law, constitutional rights. We are now commercial persons, subject to commercial law, with government supervision and regulation of all our human endeavors.

So we try to send representatives to Helena, and to DC, who will write "better laws", and try to write into law more freedoms, so the corporate workers can have more liberty. But it cannot work, because we are too ignorant of the tricks that have already put us in bondage. We do not know who we are, our status as free people with God given, inalienable rights. We have all signed away our status by contracting for social security, federal benefits, driver licenses, permits, and many other things that contract us into status as federal employees and servants.

So many of our representatives act and talk more like fascists, or statists, than constitutionalists. While they ought to be repealing LARGE portions of the state codes, and eliminating government agencies, they revise, tweak, amend and alter the codes, and make the situation more confusing, more burdensome and hardly improved.


We need a shift in the paradigm. We need an educated citizenry, who know common law, know how the judicial system ought to be constituted, and how a free society is ordered.

Then we need to elect our best men to go to the legislature and put these principles into practice. Now our candidates are poorly vetted, poorly read, and poorly prepared. So the broken system is perpetuated, and we make NO REAL PROGRESS TOWARD FREEDOM.

The proper role of government is to PROTECT OUR RIGHTS TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND PROPERTY. The role is negative, not positive. It is to protect from infringement, not to provide or supervise. Nor is it to so regulate our every action so we do not cause some potential harm. (This is the justification for nearly every regulation and law: to make sure someone does not cause some potential harm).

The only system that can work in a truly free society is to base all laws on 2 principles, on which every society can agree:

1. Do all you have agreed to do. This is the basis for all contract law and business dealings.

2. Do not encroach on any person or their property. This is the basis for tort law, and the interpersonal actions among people.

The summary of all this is the common law principle: If there is no victim, there is no crime. (NO harm, NO foul.)

No one would want to live in a society where these two principles are not the law. But the only civilizations that ever had any measure of freedom are the ones that have been based on these two laws. Most of the world has never had any concept of these laws, and so will never have any freedom. In proportion to our loss of these principles, we have lost our freedom. We will not regain it in the current direction.

So the pressing need is to relearn the American Civic creed, and to learn our proper status as free people. We need to renounce our corporate entanglements, and start to live as free people who know our place and status.
Until we do this, we are playing a rigged game which we will never win.

Joel Boniek
Livingston, Montana

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

This morning on Voices of Montana Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer stated that tons of bills coming before the legislature are so "unconstitutional" and he is going to do his best to Veto them.  Has ordinary Common Sense has been LOST ? The audacity of  The Governor needs to realize WHO he is working for, the people of Montana, or the Federal Government??

Unconstitutional bills? Like private property destroying HB 198 'Eminent Domain'? Or special interest pandering HB 514 'sexual orientation and gender identity'? Or small business destroying bills like SB 126?

Governor Schweitzer can't be referring to bills that secure liberty and freedom, sovereignty and security like SB 117, SB 114, and SB 116.

Has Governor Schweitzer read the Constitution with any understanding? Article I Section 8 [enumerated powers] and 10th Amendment "The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States [that's plural], are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." and our own Montana State Constitution Article II Sec. 1, Sec. 2, Sec. 3, Sec. 8.

State and personal Sovereignty is written into the US Constitution, Limited Government is written into the US Constitution, Local Control is written into the US Constitution. Too bad the rewrite of the Montana Constitution failed this time around because the document produced in 1972 begs refinement.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sanders county Commissioners go back on their word.

The Sanders County Commissioners sent a letter to Lynda Moss, Vice Chair, MT Senate Local Government Committee, urging opposition to the "Coordination" bill (SB-117) now before the Senate. signed by Commissioner Greg Magera , Commissioner Tony Cox, Commissioner Carol Brooker, Sanders County Treasurer Carol Turk, and Clerk Recorder Jennine Robbins.

This is two years after two of the same Commissioners agreed to write a letter urging coordination, but never wrote it, and/or never sent the letter they PROMISED to send. Does this make them liars?

And now they are using specious arguments about potential litigation as reason to oppose the bill, citing their "good working relationship" with local National Forests. Then, they show how empty that lie is by asking, rhetorically, paraphrasing, "Can any proponents of coordination show any example of it working to open the forests for lumbering?"

If the Commissioners have such a fine working relation with the Federal government, you'd think the forests would not be closed to lumbering, and coordination thus would not be necessary. Apparently, they don't know the meaning of the process, or are stooges of the same NGO's which have, for two decades, used "coordination-like"

litigation and threats of litigation to close off one Federal parcel after another. So much for "good working relations" with the Federal land barons.
Can the Commissioners point to any un-coordinated efforts made by them specifically in cooperation with the local forests, through their "good working relations" that have opened any Federal forests to logging?
We breathlessly await their reply.
Lark Chadwick and Jim Greaves

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Please write and email to the committee to OPPOSE SB 44

Short Title: Raise age for compulsory school enrollment

There are several portions in this piece of legislation which are not conducive to better education.

What it would do is give the Public School System longer access to Federal ADA money and more opportunity to indoctrinate children to the social/political curriculum the Unions are imposing.

Goes before Education and Cultural Resources Committee Jan 12, 2011
Education and Cultural Resources Meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 3 p.m., Room 303

Chair: Ryan Zinke (R-Whitefish) ryanzinke@yahoo.com
Vice Chair: Rick Ripley (R-Wolf Creek) leave msg: (406)444-4800
Gary Branae (D-Billings) garybranae@gmail.com
Taylor Brown (R-Huntley) taylor@northernbroadcasting.com

Jeff Essmann (R-Billings) jessmann@mt.gov
Tom Facey (D-Missoula) facey_tom@hotmail.com
Bob Hawks (D-Bozeman) senator.robert.hawks@gmail.com
Bob Lake (R-Hamilton) lakemill@montana.com
Eric Moore (R-Miles City) mp_more@yahoo.com
Sharon Stewart-Peregoy (D-Crow Agency)
Staff: Casey Barrs, 406-444-3957
Secretary: Gilda Clancy, 406-444-4816