Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sanders county Commissioners go back on their word.

The Sanders County Commissioners sent a letter to Lynda Moss, Vice Chair, MT Senate Local Government Committee, urging opposition to the "Coordination" bill (SB-117) now before the Senate. signed by Commissioner Greg Magera , Commissioner Tony Cox, Commissioner Carol Brooker, Sanders County Treasurer Carol Turk, and Clerk Recorder Jennine Robbins.

This is two years after two of the same Commissioners agreed to write a letter urging coordination, but never wrote it, and/or never sent the letter they PROMISED to send. Does this make them liars?

And now they are using specious arguments about potential litigation as reason to oppose the bill, citing their "good working relationship" with local National Forests. Then, they show how empty that lie is by asking, rhetorically, paraphrasing, "Can any proponents of coordination show any example of it working to open the forests for lumbering?"

If the Commissioners have such a fine working relation with the Federal government, you'd think the forests would not be closed to lumbering, and coordination thus would not be necessary. Apparently, they don't know the meaning of the process, or are stooges of the same NGO's which have, for two decades, used "coordination-like"

litigation and threats of litigation to close off one Federal parcel after another. So much for "good working relations" with the Federal land barons.
Can the Commissioners point to any un-coordinated efforts made by them specifically in cooperation with the local forests, through their "good working relations" that have opened any Federal forests to logging?
We breathlessly await their reply.
Lark Chadwick and Jim Greaves

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