Friday, July 19, 2013

Senator Jennifer Fielder's SJ-15

Montana can manage our Public Lands far better than the USFS, BLM, BuRec, etc. has been doing.

The feds & their 'enriro' and 'corporate' controllers have locked up about 45% of Montana's land surface, and much more of our mineral rights. Now they covet most of the water and water rights. It's time for Montanans to "PUSH BACK" , take control, obtain beneficial and multiple uses, account for and use the revenues locally, and maybe start our own "Cobell Lawsuit" to reclaim all the leases/rents and royalties due to Montana over the past 100+ years, but fraudulently retained, as the feds cheated the 7 Native American Indian Tribes.

Utah has a legislative start on this, and the Tribes have won a settlement on the Cobell Lawsuit.

Residents in Western States need to be on an equal footing with the Eastern States, where federal land holdings were turned over to States long ago per the establishing Enabling Acts.  

This might also be the key to reducing all the federal corruption & frauds and international entanglements. It's a way to DE-FUND the over-reaching federal control, since the Congress seems unwilling.

I believe Senator Jennifer Fielder's SJ-15 may be a good start at the Montana County Commissioner level on this!
Hat Tip: Tony O. Missoula