Sunday, April 26, 2015

Todays random thoughts...

Misnomer exists that 'conservatives' are the group threatening control and fascist policies... when in fact it is progressive policy and thinking that promotes regulation of movement, action, and thinking towards a narrow politically correct scope.

Neo-Conservatives are really Trotsky socialists misusing the term as a mask.

Constitutionalists urge 'conservation' of the spirit and structure that expanded freedom to all; Liberation from tyranny of elite, monarchs, or other overlords.

Progressives are the new overlords - dictating and regulating every aspect of life according to a constantly shifting politically correct paradigm - which serves to confuse those who are ensnared, rendering them inadequate to discern the trap in which they have been caught.

Often, when recognized that they are "trapped", denial becomes the "norm", bigotry rears its ugly head, and the duped refuse to admit they were "had", or that they were wrong. That is the quintessential mark of "a bigot" - one who, when faced with facts and/or truth, refuses to "see" - that is also what a religious fanatic is - someone who does not see unless he/she believes...

Dictatorship follows "progressivism", as EVERY "other group" becomes "suspect" - if it questions THE group in charge. Witness what DHS and NSA, and all their "lovers" are doing today. We are in a death spiral, thanks to proud leftist progressives, and leaders like Obama and most Democrats.

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