Wednesday, March 18, 2015


And don’t quit there! Following are additional sources that could indicate what it is really all about if our State of Montana allows another government take over its CONSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATION to protect the water rights of its citizens!! If water levels of Lake Michigan (the size of a small ocean) can be lowered by exporting fresh water to China, think what could happen to waters of our Flathead Lake, Hungry Horse Reservoir and Lake Kookanusa. And why do you suppose the Ogallala Aquifer is being targeted also. . . and the Upper Missouri River Breaks feeding into the AGR lands of Middle America and the great Mississippi? We are the land famous for ABUNDANT WATERSHEDS! ! PLEASE DON’T LET IT BE TAKEN AWAY FROM ALL OF US! ! !
Is there any protection against where our water rights legislation (HB 262) could take us if this 1500 page CSKT Water Compact document is approved by our present legislative body and control goes to the reservation government (under federal government control) already abusing irrigation water rights of its non-native property owners? Could this attitude and unacceptable behavior help explain the millions being directed toward passage of this single, apparently VERY SIGNIFICANT BILL ????? In support of its perpetrators?
JUST HOW WELL INFORMED, REALLY, ARE THE MONTANA CITIZENS? We know how desperately this compact is being forced through by the volumes of promotion through PEOPLE WE KNOW and can identify. Governmental over-reach would extend beyond the eleven designated NW MT counties, but would impact the financial security of the entire state.

A “NO” vote on HB262 is imperative! !
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING (highlighted) ! ! !
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