Sunday, February 15, 2015

Message to MT Senate Judiciary Committee - re: SB 262

The CSKT compact proponents claim they will file 10 thousand lawsuits statewide if the compact is not approved and ratified.

However, squirrelled among its many unfair, and unlawful provisions, this gem: anyone not liking what the Tribe "gives" in the way of "water allotment" may go to court to argue for a better deal.

So, to get this straight, in exchange for preventing 10k lawsuits [extortion], the Legislature is being asked to allow this compact to be ratified, which may ensure potentially 300,000 such lawsuits!

Please do the right thing - which you swore oaths to do - defend and protect the rights of ALL Montanans, not just a select group, lorded over by untouchable Tribal leaders - for whom we, the REST of the people of Montana, have NO vote nor representation, NO say in their proceedings, nor to whom CSKT Tribal leaders are obligated to even listen.

Given that I have NO expectation of nor any right to "own" water in MT to sell to anyone else, why is the Legislature being asked to create such a "right" for a small band of unaccountable Federal and Tribal extortionists?

Jim Greaves
Thompson Falls MT

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