Monday, May 10, 2010

Oppose Montana Initiative 160

Effective Wildlife Management is too Important to Allow Animal Rights Activists to Write Our Laws - Montanans for Effective Wildlife Management

Dangers of I-160
Say “NO” to I-160

Initiative 160 prohibits the trapping of all wildlife by any means on public lands in Montana. This initiative is strongly supported by animal rights activists who want public land trapping to stop, regardless of the damaging consequences it will have on Montana businesses and our economy as a whole.

Montanans have a rich history of working in industries, particularly agriculture, ranching and forestry, all of which will suffer if Initiative 160 passes. This initiative will also remove a critical wildlife management tool from home owners, ranchers, farmers and pest control professionals.

Vote NO on I-160 to protect Montana.

I-160 is Bad for Montana;

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